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This week we had the second part of our conversation with Lyndal Jefferies of teh Red Shed and we heard from Lynda Johnson on the Precious Pieces exhibition running at the Shed. We managed another round of our ‘Movie Trailer Challenge’ and caught up with part 7 of our serialisation of The Great Gatsby Check […]

This week we had a chance to hear some classic comedy from Billy T James on the 20th anniversay of his death. We also heard from Count Arthur Strong on his ready steady left overs and squeezed in a couple fo great comments from David Mitchell on Giraffes and Wales   Right click HERE to […]

An opportunity to hear some of the Red Shed history from Lyndal Jeffries     Right Click HERE to download podcast

This week Rhiannon Boelens talked about adult fairy tales, we heard from Lyndal Jeffries in part 1 of a 2 part conversation on the Red Shed and we squeezed in another movie ‘competition’ Right click HERE to download podcast

This weeks comedy show features Laura Solon and an episode from her series ‘Talking And Not Talking’ and then half an hour in the company of Garry Bellamy ‘Down The Line’ Right click HERE to download the podcast

An opportunity to spend an hour with Amy Winehouse in a celebration of her songs, her singing and conversations. Right click HERE to download the podcast

This week was poetry week featuring two New Zealand poet laureates Michelle Leggott and Cilla McQueen. We also heard from Gary McCormick, Sam Hunt and Selina Tusitala Marsh Right click HERE to download the podcast of the show Vist the Poet Laureate website HERE

Another two great shows this week. Laura Solon from her ‘Talk No Talk’ series and ‘Down The Line’, why It’s highly unlikely i’d ever do phone in radio. Right Click HERE to download podcast

This week we had a conversation with Elizabeth Eastmond from Tivoli on the Bash Street Kids , we heard a talk from Shirin Neshat on life as an artist in exile (see some of her work above), another movie competition (win a double pass for the fabulous & moving film ‘There was Once an Island […]

A chance to listen again to Thursday’s show with conversations with Jacqueline from The Red Shed, Linda from Waiheke Community Art Gallery, what’s on at the movies, part 2 of The Great Gatsby and a chat with the man behind the idea of ‘Albums that changed Everything’ Right Click HERE to download the podcast

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