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A chance top hear from Linda at Waiheke Community Art Gallery about the Waiheke Winter Arts Festival, happening over Queens Birthday Weekend. Right click HERE to download podcast

Waiheke Artist Kim Wesney chats about the 2011 Waiheke Winter Arts Festival and what’s on show at the Waiheke Community Art Gallery. (The background ‘hiss’ is rain on the roof)   Right click on HERE to download the podcast

An Island life Interview with Jenny England on fundraising for Waiheke High School Business & Enterprise students trip to New York 2012 Download podcast here

Island Life Interview with Sophia Hoadley about her Waiheke wedding directory download podcast here

An Island life Interview with Alan Jutsum on ‘resurfacing’ the Waiheke Underwater Club Download Podacst Here

MIND DE-CODER 18 “Where did July go? Is it under my pillow?” (18-07-10) PHIL RETROSPECTOR     A THOUSAND SECRETS An uncharcteristically sombre start to the show this evening to mark the season’s turn – a moody, atmospheric mash-up from Phil Retrospector, the best named mash-up artist around . A Thousand Secrets features music by Muse, Leonard […]

MIND DE-CODER 17 “In the lazy water meadow I lay me down…” (01-07-10) THE DUKES OF STRATOSPHEAR     MY LOVE EXPLODES What a marvellous way to get the show started – XTC’s alter-egos, The Dukes Of Stratosphear and my favourite track from their brilliant little debut album 25 O’CLOCK, released back in 1987. It has actually […]

 Broadcast 22 October and replaying 25 October, 12pm.   Mark Parisien, talks about spearheading the 350 climate change initiative on Waiheke.   350 mgs. represents the milligrams of carbon dioxide that the atmosphere can withstand.  Any more than that and world temperatures will rise by more than two degrees, causing huge damage to the environment […]

 Sue Bradford talks about being on Waiheke for the supercity hearings, the consequences of her private members bill on child discipline and parental correction, and the current referendum.   For more information from which the following is taken.     In 2007, by an overwhelming majority of 113 to 8 votes, Parliament granted children protection from assault by their […]

 Listen to the waste protest as we walk up Queen Street – comments, drumming, singing.  The Sue Connor discusses the desired outcome of the meeting, we listen to the Waiheke submissions and questions from councillors.  Sue finishes with comments on the debate.    How many Waiheke voices do you recognise?   Download this podcast.

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