Planeta Loca Friday June 7, 2013 playlist

Written by on June 7, 2013


It don’t mean a thing if you ain’t got that Swing, doowap doowap. Planeta Loca comes out swingin with Skeewiff, Lazlo, the Carnibal series with Palov, Panama Cardoon and Hammond Classics, a splendid compilation on Hiperbole Jamboree 2012: Go Jazz Not Ape!, from Out Here records cool Kinshasa rooted Jupiter Bokondji  & Okwess International "Hotel Univers". He was born in Kinshasa 48 years ago, into a family of griots from the Mongo region. His grandmother, a reknowned healer, introduced him to traditional rhythm and music including the famous Zebola from Ekonda (Mongo région of the equator), rythms that are said to cure the sick. From a young age, Jupiter played percussion instruments and acommpanied his grandmother to funerals and weddings. However, it was in Germany East-Berlin, where he spent his adolescence, and where his father was appointed executive assistant for the Congos embassy in 1974, that he discovered Europe and it’s vibrant music scene – the Stones, Deep Purple, James Brown etc. Here, he set up his own rock band called ‘’Der Neger’’ with fellow young Berliners; their sound was a strange cocktail of Mongo percussions and guitar Zeppelin-esque guitar. The band was successful in all the shady clubs in town. But, his father’s mandate ended. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Don’t Rock The Boat
(Bart & Baker Remix)
Skeewiff Feat. The Charioteers 3:38 Electro Swing & Gospel Breaks
Where Shall I Be
(Vassili Gemini Remix)
Skeewiff Feat. Stars Of Harmony 4:47 Electro Swing & Gospel Breaks
Two Guitars
(Cab Canavaral Remix)
Skeewiff Feat. Eddie South 3:30 Electro Swing & Gospel Breaks
Popcorn Palov/Panama Cardoon 3:46 Carnibal 004 2012
Moving Next Door PALOV meets ANG ANGELIDES 4:25 Carnibal 006 2012
That’s All Folks Palov 3:17 Carnibal 005 2012
Lunca lunca Oana Catalina Chitu 5:23 Divine 2013
Bossa Nostra Mister Bingle &
Renegades Of Jazz
4:52 Hiperbole Jamboree 2012:
Go Jazz Not Ape!
El Loco (Daytoner Remix) Mankoora 3:50 Hiperbole Jamboree 2012:
Go Jazz Not Ape!
It Don’t Mean A Thing
(Lazlo & N’to Remix)
Lazlo 6:57 Swing it Up! 2013
Stomping at Studio 54 Lazlo 4:16 Swing it Up! 2013
The Ska Was Pink Lazlo 5:33 Swing it Up! 2013
Yaka Jupiter & Okwess International 3:24 Hotel Univers 2013
The World Is My Land Jupiter & Okwess International 3:59 Hotel Univers 2013
Magerita Jupiter & Okwess International 4:58 Hotel Univers 2013
Balou Nala Fofoulah 3:11 Bene Bop EP 2013
Bene Bop Fofoulah 3:54 Bene Bop EP 2013
Im Raharan Etran Finatawa 4:58 The Sahara Sessions 2013
Four Ways Dawanggang 3:16 Wild Tune Stray Rhythm 2013
Colors Per Minute Dusty 5:11 Mood Matters 2013
Mood Matters Dusty 4:54 Mood Matters 2013
Seventy Three Dusty 3:57 Mood Matters 2013
Keep Movin’ Bosq of Whiskey Barons 6:06 Movin’ On b/w Keep Movin’ 2013
Movin’ On Bosq of Whiskey Barons 7:09 Movin’ On b/w Keep Movin’ 2013
Joshua Panama Cardoon 3:27 Carnibal 005 2012
Busy Line (Lazlo Remix) Lazlo 4:15 Swing it Up! 2013
Cumbiamba Hammond Classics 3:46 Carnibal 007 2013
Six Days On The Road Taj Mahal 3:02 Giant Step –
De Ole Folks At Home
Blue Moon Of Kentucky Brian Setzer 4:18 Setzer Goes Instru-Mental 2011


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