Playlist for 23rd Jan – Music for fortepiano

Written by on January 22, 2011

The Fortepiano

Bartolomeo Cristofori is properly credited with making the first example, which was recorded among Ferdinando’s possessions in 1700. Cristofori named it gravicembalo col piano e forte, meaning ‘harpsichord with soft and loud’ but unlike a conventional harpsichord it did not pluck the strings, but had small hammers striking them.  This is the instrument from which the modern piano eveolved and this show will include examples of fortepiano music form the late baroque and classical era played on instruments or copies of the  instruments on which these works would have originally been heard.

Bernardino della Ciaja
Sonata V, C – 1.
CPE Bach
Concerto Es-dur, Presto
Muzio Clementi
Clementi: Piano Sonata In C, Op. 20 – 3. Allegro Con Fuoco
Joseph Haydn
Piano Concerto in D major, Hob.XVIII:11 – 3. Rondo all’Ungarese
WA Mozart
 Concerto fo Piano and Orchestra No.20 in D minor, K. 466 – II. Romance
Ludwig Van Beethoven
Archduke Trio
Allegro moderato
Ludwig Van Beethoven
Sonata In C-Minor, Op. 13 (‘Patetique’), Adagio Cantabile
Franz Schubert
Moments Musicaux, op. 94, D.780 Moderato
Joseph Haydn
II. Allegretto
Joseph Haydn
Sonata No.50 in D major, H.XVI:37 – I. Allegro con brio



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