Playlist for 30th Jan – The Music of Gyorgy Sandor Ligeti

Written by on January 29, 2011

Gyorgy Sandor Ligeti

Ligeti was born in 1923, in Transylvania, to a family of Hungarian Jews. His father died in Bergen-Belsen, his younger brother in Mauthausen. He himself survived a long term in a forced-labor gang.  He became one of the most important avant-garde composers in the latter half of the twentieth century. Along with Boulez, Berio, Stockhausen, and John Cage he was as one of the most innovative and influential composers of the second half of the 20th Century.   His early works show the influence of Bartók and Kodály, but in the late 1950’s  he experimented with electronic music and he even once wrote a "Poème Symphonique" for one hundred metronomes . He also developed a compositional style called micropolyphony  that uses chromatic clustering of notes that are devoid of conventional melody, pitch and rhythm,  in later years he began composing polyrthymical works.

 In the 70’s, Rainer Wehinger created a visual listening score to accompany Gyorgy Ligeti’s Artikulation

Track Listing

The Big Turtle Fanfare from the South China Sea
Lux aeterna
2 Pieces from ‘Musica ricercata’
Mysteries of the Macabre for solo trumpet and chamber orchestra
Artikulation for Tape
Piano Concerto (1985 – 88):
Zoboko & LIGETI Etude No.17, À bout de souffle
Hamburg Concerto
Sippal, dobbal, nádihegedüvel (With drums, pipes and fiddle)

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