Cath Handley Candidates Interview

Cath Handley Candidates Interview

Local Board candidate Cath Handley interviewed by Chris Walker.

In this interview Cath Handley discusses the Waiheke Resources Trust and says, “the Green Party and the family associated with Denise Roche have funds going from the local board to their interests”. Waiheke Resources Trust have responded to this statement. 

The Waiheke Resources Trust (WRT) does not provide any funds the Green Party and does not particpate in party political activity. The Green Party has not used the Oneroa Bowling Club, the council building leased and managed by WRT. John Stansfield, partner of Green Party MP Denise Roche, is a trustee of WRT. This is avoluntary role. John Stansfield receives no salary or financial benefit fro many of the WRT contracts funded by the local board. 

WRT has extensive accountability requirements for all local board funding – this includes comprehensive objectives, timelines and benchmarks. The accountability requirments for Little Oneroa can be viewed at

WRT reports against these objectives every two months. WRT is a registered charitable trust and as such is required ot lodge an annual finacial returns summary with Charities Services. 

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