Cath Handley on Bus Network Changes

Cath Handley on Bus Network Changes

Chris Walker talks to Cath Handley about ferry services, the AT Matitia trial and recently announced cuts to the Waiheke bus network. For this story we also approached Auckland Transport, Fullers and Waiheke Bus Company, none of which responded before we went to air. Auckland Transport later provided a written response to our questions.

Who initiated the proposal to cut back the Onetangi bus services – Auckland transport or Waiheke Bus Company?

The decision was joint – as a consequence of the lack of bus drivers.

What measures are taken to assess the capacity and capability of a service provider when a service is tendered?

By signing the Unit Agreement (contract) Waiheke Bus Company confirmed they would have the resources to complete the scheduled work

What, if any, penalties will be applied to Waiheke Bus Company for their inability to run the Waiheke bus network as agreed?

Auckland Transport and Waiheke Bus Company will apply contractual remedies to payments. Any appropriate contractual consequences are being applied

What number of missed services have been reported since the new network was introduced in October?

Of the 11,139 scheduled trips since 13 Oct – 235 (2.1 per cent) have not registered in our monitoring system. The total number of actual trips missed is likely to be less than 235, as a number of other factors result in a trip not registering e.g. driver logging the wrong trip number, or a device fault on bus.

Who will bear the cost of developing and distributing the new timetable, including the bus stop timetables? What is the cost of this?

Because this is a temporary change we won’t be changing the timetables at bus stops, rather putting up information about the temporary changes. Auckland Transport will bear that cost.

Is this a permanent change to the Waiheke network or is it a temporary change to enable Waiheke Bus Company to address capacity issues?

This will be a temporary change. Auckland Transport is working with Waiheke Bus Company on ways to increase driver numbers. Unfortunately this is a slow process.

What will be done to monitor any under-capacity issues on the Onetangi run during the peak tourism season?

We have ongoing monitoring of all bus routes for a number of performance measures including capacity.

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