Erin from Dublin Listens to Waiheke Radio

Erin from Dublin Listens to Waiheke Radio

Here at Waiheke Radio we love to hear from our listeners, and we love to get as many people on air as we can. So it was great to recieve an email from the other side of the world email from Lydia from Dublin, Ireland.

I have a 3 year old daughter, Erin, who listens to Waiheke Radio in Dublin while she eats her dinner every night (her mother is a Kiwi and her grandparents live on Waiheke so she knows it well!). We noticed that you play jingles from listeners and wondered if you might play Erin’s? Please find an mp3 file attached!

It’s an absolute pleasure to add your sting to our playlist Erin. And in case it doesn’t play while you’re eating your dinner, you can listen right here.

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