Local Govt Commission says NO to Thames/Coromandel Proposal

Local Govt Commission says NO to Thames/Coromandel Proposal

On Friday 21 Aug the Local Government Commission released it’s decision on the proposal to have Waiheke become part of the Thames / Coromandel District Council. The propoosal was rejected. The full decision can be read here.

This was a controversial proposal, supported by around 1000 petitioners and opposed by hundreds of submitters. The man who developed and pushed the proposal is Nobilangelo Ceramalus, a member of our Community Board, although he was opposed by the remainder of the board on this issue. Mr Ceramalus outlined his reasoning for the proposal in an interview on Waiheke Radio in March.

So what does the man behind the proposal think of it’s rejection? Mr Ceramalus spoke to Kevin Glover on Island Life Sat 22 Aug, the day after the Local Government Commission’s decision was announced.

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