MIND DE-CODER 12 (2012)

MIND DE-CODER 12 (2012)


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PINK FLOYD     alan’s psychedelic breakfast (excerpt – rise and shine)
(‘atom heart mother’,1970)
THE FACTORY     path through the forest
(single – previously unreleased version, 1968)
D.D. DENHAM     ship to shore (‘electronic music in the classroom’, 2011)
THE MERCHANTS OF DREAM     the strange night voyage of peter pan
(‘strange night voyage’, 1968)
THE AQUARIAN AGE     good wizzard meets naughty wizzard
(single, b-side, 1968)
THE ROLLING STONES     in another land (‘their satanic majesties request’, 1967)
THE BELBURY POLY     in pan’s garden (‘the owl’s map’, 2006)
THE OWL SERVICE    night falls on summer’s end (‘the petrifying well’, 2008)
LONE PIGEON     king creosote’s wine glass symphony (’concubine rice’, 2002)
THE BIRD TREE     leaf fish (‘orchards and caravans’, 2003)
PINK FLOYD     alan’s psychedelic breakfast (excerpt – sunny side up)
THURSTON MOORE     in silver rain with a paper key
(‘demolished thoughts’, 2011)
MOON WIRING CLUB     the victorian butter boat/the queen speaks
   (‘a spare tabby at the cat’s wedding’, 2011)
THE CHARLATANS     opportunity (‘some friendly’, 1990)
LIQUID SOUND COMPANY     mesmerizing eyes
(‘exploring the psychedelic’,1996)
TAME  IMPALA     solitude is bliss (time and space machine remix, 2011)
WAX AUDIO     departures (‘9 countries’, 2010)
ALAN BLACK     orson IX (excerpt)  (‘set 01 – beginning’, 2009)
THE TELESCOPES     all a dreams (single, b-side, 1991)
SPACEMEN 3     star ship (‘transparent radiation ep’, 1987)
INCREDIBLE STRING BAND     air (‘wee tam and the big huge’, 1968)
PINK FLOYD     alan’s psychedelic breakfast (excerpt – morning glory)
SHIRLEY COLLINS     sweet england (‘sweet england’, 1959)
MOON WIRING CLUB     house of tricks
(‘a spare tabby at the cat’s wedding’, 2011)

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