MIND DE-CODER 13 (2012)

MIND DE-CODER 13 (2012)




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JULIAN COPE     boskawen-un (‘the jehovahcoat demos’, 2011)
MOON WIRING CLUB     autumn theatricals
(‘a spare tabby at the cat’s wedding’, 2011)
TRAFFIC     house for everyone (‘mr. fantasy’, 1967)
THE MOVE     I can hear the grass grow (single, 1967)
VIRGINIA ASTLEY      a summer long since passed
(‘from gardens where we feel secure’, 1983)
H.N.A.S.     ganz unverbindlich (‘im schatten der möhre’, 1987)
TUNNG     soup (‘good arrows’, 2007)
AMON DÜÜL II    she came through the chimney (‘yeti’, 1970)
OS MUTANTES     o relógio (‘os mutantes’, 1968)
ASH RA TEMPEL     amboss (‘ash ra tempel’, 1971)
DRUIDS OF STONEHENGE     i put a spell on you (‘creation’, 1968)
2 minutes in wonderland
ASH RA TEMPLE     amboss (cont.) (‘ash ra temple’, 1971)
     requiem for soprano (‘2011: a space odyssey ost’, 1968)
POPOL VUH     hosianna mantra (‘hosianna mantra’, 1972)
KING CREOSOTE & JON HOPKINS     first watch (‘diamond mine’, 2011)
THE UNTHANKS     gan to the kye (‘last’, 2011)
STONES ROSES     tightrope (‘the second coming’, 1994)
PETER HOWELL & JOHN FERDINANDO     through looking glass wood
  (‘alice through the looking glass’, 1969)
TANGERINE DREAM     fauni-gena (‘atem’, 1973)
AGINCOURT      through the eyes of a lifetime (‘fly away’, 1970)
THE FOCUS GROUP     swirling paths (‘sketches and spells’, 2004)

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