This week the show was brought to you by The Saturday Breakfast Show co-host Simon, who was so inspired by the idea behind the Mind De-Coder format that he wanted to have a go himself.

Here’s what he had to play.

Battles – Atlas (from their first full-length album Mirrored 1997)

The Webb Brothers – All the cocaine in the world (Christiaan, Justin and James Webb, sons of esteemed 60’s  songwriter Jimmy Webb from their 1999 album ‘Beyond the Biosphere’)

Soft Machine – The Soft Wead factor

Buffalo Daughter – I (Buffalo Daughter is a Japanese rock group comprising of 3 female members – suGar Yoshinaga on guitar, Yumiko Ohno on bass, and Moog Yamamoto on turntables and graphic design The track ‘I’ i played was from the 2001 album of the same name.)

Steve Hillage – Ether Ships (from former Gong band member Steve Hillage a track called Ether ships from the 1978 album green, a track which in retrospect turned out to be his finest moment).

The multi-talented Erol Alkan in his Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve guize with I Swim Around (from Ark 1 released in 2008)

Tame Impala – Solitude Of Bliss (next up came a very up to date piece of psychedelia from a band from Perth Australia called Tame Impala. The track was called Solitude of Bliss from the album Innerspeaker which was released just 3 weeks ago.

Zongamin – Painless (next up another Japanese artist Zongamin who turned up on sorts of DJ mix compilations a few years back, this track Painless was from The Album released 2002)

Findlay Brown – Losing The Will To Survive (Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve rmx) Second track up from Erol Alkan, well kinda.

The Polyphonic Spree – Section 10 (A long day) then a brief exerpt from ‘”choral symphonic rock”‘ band The Polyphonic Spree and their brillaint 2002 album The Beginning Stages of… that track actually goes on fro 36 minutes!!!!

Lemon Jelly – The Shouty track – from their often dismissed 2005 album ’64 to ’95 an album that’s rather different from their previous two releases with much a darker sound . To avoid confusion over the matter, the band included a sticker on the sleeve stating, “This is our new album, it’s not like our old album.”

The Beta Band – It’s Not Too Beautiful from their brilliant self titled 1999 album – The band themselves, with dubious sincerity, called the album “fucking awful.” Personally I don’t know what they were talking about

after that a smile slice from the Steve Miller Band – Space Intro from his legendary 1976 Fly Like An Eagle.

and following Steve Miller a brilliant Brendan Lynch produced b-side from Paul Weller entitled Kosmos

then a brief instumental from Badly Drawn Boy called Blistered heart from his excellent Hour Of The Bewilderbeast CD

Then something rather marvelous from Jason Forrest – Evil Doesn’t Exist Anymore from his quite frankly often unlistenable 2004 mashup CD brilliantly titled ‘The Unrelenting Songs of the 1979 Post Disco Crash’

and then rounding off our journey with Cornelious – Thank you For The Music from his 1997 album Fantasma.

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