MIND DE-CODER 14 (2012)

MIND DE-CODER 14 (2012)


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THE ADVISORY CIRCLE    swinscoe episode 2 – ‘release the birds’
    (‘other channels’, 2008)
ROJ     meditation on nothingness (‘the transactional dharma of roj’, 2009)
 / THE ADVISORY CIRCLE     and the cukoo comes (‘mind how you go’, 2005)
DEUTER     phoenix (‘aum’, 1972)
THE ADVISORY CIRCLE     swinscoe episode 1 – ‘enter swinscoe’
       (‘the other channels’, 2008)
PETER SCION     butterfly (‘v.a. pull up the paisley covers’, 2002)
DEUTER     soma/shurat sabada (‘aum’, 1972)
ORGANISATION     tone float (excerpt) (‘tone float’, 1970)
TOMORROW     revolution (single, 1967)
DAMIEN YOUTH     kilburn towers (‘v.a. pull up the paisley covers’, 2002)
THE ADVISORY CIRCLE     mogadon coffee morning
     (‘other channels’, 2008)
JACK CHESHIRE     we are electric (‘copenhagen’, 2011)
MOUNTAINS     backwards crossover (‘air museum’, 2011)
RAMASES     journey to the inside (‘space hymns’, 1971)
THE ADVISORY CIRCLE     eyes which are swelling
  (‘other channels’, 2008)
LUSH     thoughtforms (‘scar’, 1989)
FAUST     thoughts of the dead (‘something dirty’, 2011)
VIBRASONIC     kingsley j (single, 1994)
THE OUTSIDERS     c.q. (‘c.q.’, 1968)
ASH RA TEMPLE     traummachine (‘first’, 1971)
THE A LORDS     summerhouse     (‘same’, 2006)

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