MIND DE-CODER 2 (2012)

MIND DE-CODER 2 (2012)


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ANTHONY REYNOLDS just so you know (‘the bees dream of flowers and your summer’s meadow breath’, 2008)

DR STRANGELY STRANGE strangely strange but oddly normal (‘kip of the serenes’, 1969)

JULY dandelion seeds (‘july’, 1967)

KOOBAS barricades (‘the koobas’, 1969)

LIQUID SOUND COMPANY sadhana sidhi (‘exploring the psychedelic’, 1996)

DEUTER surat shabda (‘aum’, 1972)

MELLOW CANDLE sheep season (‘swaddling songs’, 1972)

SYNANTHESIA peek strangely and worried evening (‘synanthesia’, 1969)

THE SOFT HEARTED SCIENTISTS brother sister (‘uncanny tales from the everyday undergrowth’, 2005)

ORANGE BICYCLE trip on an orange bicycle (‘orange bicycle’, 1968)

GO HOME PRODUCTIONS 2000 light years from bolan (‘spliced krispies’, 2008)

GOLDFRAPP happiness (beyond the wizard’s sleeve remix, 2008)

ADRIAN CORKER adderbury creation myth/springstide (‘way of the morris’, 2011)

THE ALIENS bobby’s song (‘luna’, 2008)

THE EIGHTEENTH DAY OF MAY the highest tree (‘the eighteenth day of may, 2006)

MOON WIRING CLUB powder and crinoline (‘today bread, tomorrow secrets’, 2012)

VOICE OF THE SEVEN THUNDERS commune (‘voice of the seven thunders’, 2010)

THE BEATLES the inner light (b-side, 1968)

THE AMORPHOUS ANDROGYNESS opus of the black sun (‘the peppermint tree’, 2008)

OSYMYSO fiver for bigwig (2001)

THE TAPE-BEATLES microphone burning in flames (‘a subtle buoyancy of pulse’, 1988)

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