MIND DE-CODER (2013) 13

MIND DE-CODER (2013) 13


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KENNETH McKELLAR     song of the clyde (single, 1955)
LOVE LIVE LIFE + 1   love will make a better you
      (‘love will make a better you’, 1971)
THE MISUNDERSTOOD     i can take you to the sun (single, 1966)
JULIAN COPE     laughing boy (‘fried’, 1984)
TEMPLES     colours to life (single, 2013)
THE MOVE     message from the country (‘message from the country’, 1971)
MOON WIRING CLUB     …and for my next trick
                                      (‘a spare tabby at the cat’s wedding – vinyl version’, 2010)
NICK NICELY     whirlpool (‘lysergia’, 2011)
THE HOLLIES     butterfly (‘butterfly’, 1967)
COMUS     touch down (‘to keep from crying’, 1974)
BELBURY POLY     green grass grows (‘belbury tales’, 2012)
STEVE MASON     behind the curtains (‘monkey mind’s in the devil’s time’, 2013)
RALPH McTELL     michael in the garden (‘my side of your window’, 1969)
SATWA     apacidonata (‘satwa’, 1973)
STERNENMADCHEN     tim bleibt bei uns (‘gilles zeitschiff’,1974)
RICHARD DAWSON     apples and oranges (single, 1967)
BAKING RESEARCH STATION      queen street gang (single, 2012)
PEOPLE     shomyo (‘ceremony – buddha meets rock’, 1973)
A few moments from a mix by THE MOON WIRING CLUB recorded for the Solid Steel radio Show
GONG     inner temple/love is how you make it (‘angel’s egg’, 1973)
ROLF HARRIS demonstrates the Stylophone
BRIAN ELIS     birth (quipu’, 2011)
THE FOCUS GROUP     fruminous numinous (‘elektrik karousel’, 2013)
BEADY EYE     dreaming of some space (‘be’, 2013)

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