MIND DE-CODER (2013) 36

MIND DE-CODER (2013) 36


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MIND DE-CODER 3 This show originally broadcast June 2013 JON BROOKS location (‘shapwick’, 2012) TAME IMPALA mind mischief (‘lonerism’, 2012) BOREDOMS circle (‘vision, creation, newsun’, 1999) PRIMAL SCREAM river of pain (‘more light’, 2013) THE FOCUS GROUP hope hodgsone (‘elektrik karousel’, 2013) SOFT HEARTED SCIENTISTS monsters of the id (‘false lights’) TEMPLES shelter song (single, 2012) ANTON BARBEAU mushroom box, 1975 (‘in the village of the apple sun’, 2006) MOON WIRING CLUB track 4 (‘clutch it like a gonk (gonk edition)’, 2011) PERRY LEOPOLD the windmill (‘christian lucifer’, 1973) LAUGHING SOUP DISH acidland (‘we are the dish’, 1987) JULIAN COPE rave-o-lution (download, 2013) Download Podcast

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