MIND DE-CODER (2013) 5

MIND DE-CODER (2013) 5

This show originally played out june 2013

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MICHAEL COLE & MICHAEL JESSETT     fingermouse and flash play the guitar
 (‘fingerbobs – original television music’, 2011)
THE FOCUS GROUP     elektrik karousel (‘elektrik karousel’, 2013)
SENDELICA     maggot brain (b-side, 2010)
SCHIZOID FUN ADDICT     theme one (single, 2008)
MOON WIRING CLUB     between two worlds
 (‘today bread, tomorrow secrets’, CD version, 2012)
COUNTRY JOE AND THE FISH     bass strings
       (‘electric music for mind and body’, 1967)
JOE BYRD AND THE FIELD HIPPIES     patriot’s lullaby
(‘the american metaphysical circus’, 1969)
JON BROOKS     walking from wood green (‘shapwick’, 2012)
MICHAEL COLES & MICHAEL JESSETT     fingermouse plays the organ
  (‘fingerbobs – original television music’, 2011)
PETER PAN AND THE GOOD FAIRIES     balloons (single b-side, 1967)
CRANIUM PIE     madman running through the fields (single, 2009)
VELVET FOGG     come away, melinda (single, 1968)
PETER SELLERS     she loves you (‘the peter sellers collection’, 2003)
TAME IMPALA     feels like we’re only going backwards (‘lonerism’, 2012)
BOREDOMS     7 (boriginal mix) (‘super roots 7’, 1998)
CHRISTOPHE F. & BLACK SHEEP     brother motherfucker
 (‘heathen frontiers in sound’, 2009)
SPACEDOG     willow’s song (hammer sandwich mix)
 (live at the blank gallery, brighton, 2008)
3 LEAFS     the grasshopper lies heavy (‘titular lines’, 2011)
SORT HEARTED SCIENTISTS     seeing further (‘false lights’, 2013)
MICHAEL COLE & MICHAEL JESSETT     story of the wooden tower(‘fingerbobs – original television music’, 2011)
MOON WIRING CLUB     misty appleyar
 (‘today bread, tomorrow secrets’, LP version, 2012)
JULIAN COPE     they were on hard drugs (‘revoltionary suicide, 2013’)

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