MIND DE-CODER (2014) 43

MIND DE-CODER (2014) 43


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THE MOODY BLUES     legend of a mind (‘in search of the lost chord’, 1968)
introduction (bill cosby talks to kids about drugs)
(‘an introduction to dj female convict scorpion’)(2012)
‘the love-ins’ theatrical trailer
THE CRAZY WORLD OF ARTHUR BROWN     fire (single, 1968)
BEYOND THE WIZARD’S SLEEVE     dig it (‘birth’, 2005)
ART     african thing (‘supernatural fairy tales’, 1967)
Mind De-Coder teaches you to swim
SOFT MACHINE     feelin’, reelin’, squealin’ (b-side, 1967)
STONE ROSES     begging you (‘the second coming’, 1994)
FAR EAST FAMILY BAND     undiscovered northern territory
(nipponjin, 1975)
UEH     cambous (‘1st album’, 2001)
TRAFFIC     dear mr fantasy (‘mr fantasy’, 1967)
TIMOTHY LEARY & ASH RA TEMPEL     space – 1 downtown
2 power drive
3 right-hand lover
4 velvet genes
(‘7up’, 1973)
MESMERIZING EYE     1 may the bird of paradise fly up your flute
2 requiem for suzy creamcheese
3 the war for my mind
4 dear mom, send money
5 exercise in frustration
(‘psychedelia: a musical light show’, 1967)
PETER SARSTEDT     blagged (b-side, 1968)
THE FLOOR     trusting mr. jones (‘1st floor’, 1967)
MOON WIRING CLUB     garden get together (‘clutch it like a gonk’, 2011)
THE BLUE MAGOOS     rush hour (‘electric comic book’, 1967)
HOLISM GAEA     weeping meadow (‘blakesian williamness’, 2012)
THE BYRDS     c.t.a. -102 (‘younger than yesterday’, 1967)

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