MIND DE-CODER (2014) 44

MIND DE-CODER (2014) 44


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DJ FEMALE CONVICT SCORPION     tadesse tesfarmichael
(‘the beginners guide to dj female convict scorpion’,2011)
MOON WIRING CLUB     another dreame
(‘today bread, tomorrow secrets’ cd, 2012)
BASIL KIRCHIN     once upon a time (excerpt) (‘quantum’, 2003)
MOEBIUS AND PLANK     news (‘rastakraut pasta’, 1980)
MOON WIRING CLUB     dusky eavesdropper
(‘today bread, tomorrow secrets, cd, 2012)
ILL WIND     people of the night (‘flashes’, 1968)
VLADIMIR USSACHEVSKY & OTTO LUENING     incantations for tape
(‘anthology of noise 2’, 2004)
PERRY LEOPOLD     serpentine lane (‘christian lucifer’, 1973)
CHAPTERHOUSE     something more (‘whirlpool’, 1991)
MOON WIRING CLUB     spirits cluster (‘today bread, tomorrow secrets’, lp, 2012)
RIDE     dreams burn down (‘nowhere’, 1990)
THE FLOWER PEOPLE     (listen to the) flower people (1967) (‘this is spinal tap’, 1984)
MOON WIRING CLUB     wombwood pattern
(‘today wood, tomorrow secrets, cd, 2012)
COSMIC JOKERS     kinder des alls (excerpt) (‘galactic supermarket’, 1974)
BELBURY POLY     the absolute elsewhere (‘the willows’, 2004)
HOLISM GAEA     ah, sunflower (‘blakesian williamness’, 2012)
ELLA FITZGERALD     someone to watch over me (‘gold’, 2007)
SLOWDIVE     souvlaki space station (‘souvlaki ’, 1993)
MOON WIRING CLUB     make yourself at home
(‘today bread, tomorrow secrets, lp, 2012)
LUSH     sweetness and light (single, 1990)
MOEBIUS & PLANK      solar plexus (‘rastakraut pasta’, 1980)
PEOPLE LIKE US     the sound of the end of music (‘welcome abroad’, 2011)
BASIL KIRCHIN      special relativity excerpt) (‘quantum’, 2003)

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