MIND DE-CODER (2014) 46

MIND DE-CODER (2014) 46


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JULEE CRUISE     up in flames (‘the voice of love’, 1993)
BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD     expecting to fly (buffalo springfield again’, 1967)
LEVITATION     nadine (‘coppelia e.p.’, 1991)
CCC     man alive
(beatles vs. mick jagger vs. pink floyd vs. spencer davies group vs. rolling stones)
VELVET UNDERGROUND     lady godiva’s operation (‘white light/white heat’, 1967)
TRAFFIC     paper sun (single, 1967)
SMALL FACES     itchycoo park (single, 1967)
DONOVAN     hurdy gurdy man (single 1968)
THE LEMON PIPERS     green tambourine (single, 1967)
BEYOND THE WIZARDS SLEEVE     midas reversed (‘birth’, 2005)
JIMI HENDRIX     voodoo child (slight return) (‘electric ladyland’, 1967)
THE BEACH BOYS     good vibrations (single, 1966)
THE DOORS     break on through (single, 1967)
THE BYRDS     eight miles high (‘fifth dimension’, 1966)
PINK FLOYD     see emily play (single, 1967)
THE BEATLES     it’s all too much (‘yellow submarine soundtrack’, 1969)
LISTEN WITH SARAH     blue parsley (‘the blue parsley/july e.p.’, 2004)
RIDE     rolling thunder (‘carnival of light’, 1994)
JAPANESE TEMPLE BELL     isehara (‘japanese temple bells 8th-17th century’, 2008)
VLADIMIR COSMA     promenade sentimentale (‘diva ost’, 1982)
JULIAN COPE     metranil vavin (‘world shut your mouth’, 1984)
MICHAEL HORDERN    the piper at the gates of dawn (extract)
SCHUBERT     trio in e flat op.100 (‘the hunger ost’, 1983)
THE BEATLES     tomorrow never knows (‘revolver’, 1966)

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