MIND DE-CODER (2014) 47

MIND DE-CODER (2014) 47


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GOBLIN suspiria (celesta and bells) (‘suspiria’, 1977)
ARROWWOOD under a root a winding stair (‘beautiful grave’, 2013)
THE ADULT NET incense and peppermints (single, 1985)
DEEP FEELING pretty colours (unreleased single, 1966)
THE ALAN BOWN! story book (‘outward bown’, 1968)
THE CORTINA’S phoebe’s flower shop (single, 1968)
THE PICADILLY LINE rosemary’s bluebell day
(‘the huge world of emily small, 1967)
SPROATLY SMITH wreathe the bowl (‘the yew and the hare’, 2009)
TICKAWINDA rosemary lane (‘rosemary lane’, 1979)
YELLOW AUTUMN the druid (‘children of the mist’, 1977)
NEON PEARL just another day (unreleased track, 1967)
TEMPLES sand dance (‘sun structures’, 2014)
FAUST (starts like that) (‘faust IV’, 1973)
Betty et Zorg at the piano
THE DEVIANTS child of the sky (‘ptooff!’, 1967)
ARROWWOOD goblin market (beautiful grave’, 2013)
JIM WILLIAMS w/RICHARD GLOVER baloo my boy (‘a field in england ost’, 2013)
FAUST jennifer (‘faust IV’, 1973)
TEETH OF THE SEA while we live in fear of hell
(‘a field in england: reimagined’, 2014)
PSYCHIC TV godstar (single, 1985)
PSYCHIC TV abstract reality (‘godstar: thee director’s cut’, 2004)
BILL NELSON end of the seasons (‘northern dream’, 1971)
MOON WIRING CLUB side b (excerpt) (‘a fondness for fancy hats’, 2013)
THE VAN ALLEN BELT dinner inside (‘superpowerfragilis], 2010

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