MIND DE-CODER (2014) 51

MIND DE-CODER (2014) 51


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LES BIG BYRD     white week (‘they worship cats’, 2014)
TWINK & THE TECHNICOLOUR DREAM     you reached for the stars
(‘you reached for the stars’, 2013’)
THE GHOST OF A SABER TOOTH TIGER      xanadu (‘midnight sun’, 2014)
THE MOODY BLUES     the best way to travel (‘in search of the lost chord’, 1968)
DOCTOR & THE MEDICS     the miracle of the age (single, 1985)
COLORS OF LOVE      twenty-ten (b-side, 1968)
THE PRIMITIVES     free the shadow (‘lovely’, 1988)
SPROATLY SMITH     afon gwy (‘pixieled’, 2010)
JON BROOKS      pond i (‘52’, 2014)
MATT BERRY     music for insomniacs (excerpt) (‘music for insomniacs’, 2014)
LAETITIA SADIER     quantum soup (‘something shines’, 2014)
RECREATION     music for your dog
the night was clean, the moon was yellow
where is the bar, clay?
caligula suite in horror minor (‘music or not music’, 1972)
FOXYGEN     star power airlines
cold winter/freedom (‘foxygen and star power’, 2014)
RON GEESIN     in anticipation of offspring part’w’
(‘john peel presents top gear’, 1969)
KRAFTWERK     tongebirge (‘ralf und florian’, 1973)
MIKE RATLEDGE     riddles of the sphinx sequence 5 (‘riddles of the sphinx’, 2014)
BELBURY POLY     …and the cuckoo comes to belbury (‘mind how you go’, 2010)
MARK FRY     river kings (‘south wind, clear sky’, 2014)
VASHTI BUNYAN     mother (heartleap’, 2014)
PARK LANE PRIMARY SCHOOL, WEMBLEY     the remarkable earth making machine
(single, 1974)
GOAT     goathead (‘world music’, 2012)
SCARFOLK COUNCIL     the ghost of mrs. payne (field recording) (single, 1975)
MATT KIVEL     kes (‘double exposure’, 2013)
DELIA DERBYSHIRE & ANTHONY NEWLEY     i de-coded you (‘moogies bloogies’, 1966)
TOMMY STEELE     flash, bang, wallop (‘half a sixpence o.s.t.’, 1967)

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