MIND DE-CODER (2015) 52

MIND DE-CODER (2015) 52


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BROADCAST     creation day magic flute way (‘mother is the milky way’, 2009)
THE FLAMING LIPS     sgt. pepper’s lonely hearts club band
                                                                     (with a little help from my fwends’, 2014)
CONNAN MOCKASIN     it’s choade my dear (‘forever dolphin love’, 2011)
MOON WIRING CLUB     peripheral peacock (‘leporine pleasure gardens’, 2015)
SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES     peek-a-boo (single, 1988)
SPROATLY SMITH     the magpie’s nest (‘pixieled’, 2010)
BROADCAST     the aphid sleeps (‘mother is the milky way’, 2009)
TRWBADOR     co2 (excerpt) (‘several wolves’, 2014)
DER PLAN     kleine schlager-revue (‘normalette surprise’, 1981)
ELEPHANT’S MEMORY     old man willow (‘elephant’s memory’, 1969)
MARK RONSON     daffodils (‘uptown special’, 2015)
MOONDOÏD     la chanson du ciel diamants (‘moondoΐd ep’, 2013)
ROTARY CONNECTION     sursum mentes (‘rotary connection’, 1967)
MOON WIRING CLUB    37 days from this point (‘leporine pleasure gardens’, 2014)
TEMPLES     a question isn’t answered (beyond the wizard’s sleeve re-animation)
                                                                                                    (‘sun restructured’, 2014)
MOON WIRING CLUB     only you can see me (‘leporine pleasure gardens’, 2014)
VASHTI BUNYAN     jellyfish (‘heartleap’, 2014)
THE SOFT HEARTED SCIENTISTS     the unknown tide (‘the slow cyclone’, 2014)
MIKE RATLEDGE     riddles of the sphinx sequence 2 (‘riddles of the sphinx’, 1977)
LES BIG BYRD     they worshipped cats (‘they worshipped cats’, 2014)
MOON WIRING CLUB     ariadne’s dreamhouse (leporine pleasure gardens’, 2014)
DOG AGE     half baked (‘sigh no more’, 1991)
THE FLAMING LIPS     lucy in the sky with diamonds
                                                                      (‘with a little help from my fwends’, 2014)
GHOST OF A SABER TOOTHER TIGER     moth to a flame (‘midnight sun’, 2014)
CAN     future days (‘future days’, 1973)
GRUMBLING FURS     neil megson fanclub (‘preternaturals’, 2014)
CLIFF EDWARDS     when you wish upon a star (1940)

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