MIND DE-CODER (2015) 53

MIND DE-CODER (2015) 53


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PHYLIS KING     filcombe cottage, dorset (‘jammy smears, 1976)
MARK RONSON     leaving los feliz (‘uptown special, 2015)
MOODY BLUES     the dream, have you heard pt.1, the voyage, have you heard pt. 2
                                                                                   (‘on the threshold of a dream’, 1969)
ADVISORY CIRCLE     from out here (‘from out here’, 2014)
GIORGIO TUMA    a ghost on our way (‘in the morning we’ll meet’, 2011)
SPROATLY SMITH     the unquiet grave (‘the yew and the hare, 2009)
IVOR CUTLER     a wooden tree (‘jammy smears’, 1976)
CRANIUM PIE     mechanisms (‘mechanisms pt.1, 2011)
THE ACCENT     red sky at night (single, 1967)
MOON WIRING CLUB     corvus whirl (‘leporine pleasure gardens’, 2015)
JULIAN COPE     me singing (‘fried’, 1984)
GRUMBLING FUR     acscatudaea (‘glynnaestra’, 2013)
TINTERN ABBEY     vacuum cleaner (single, 1968)
TEN YEARS AFTER     the sounds (single, 1968)
THE COMFORTABLE CHAIR     child’s garden (‘the comfortable chair’, 1969)
PETER WALKER     tear (‘’second poem to karmela’ or gypsies are important’, 1969)
BROADCAST     through the gates of destiny (‘mother is the milky way’, 2009)
MOON WIRING CLUB     37 years from this point (leporine pleasure garden, 2015)
THE BEACH BOYS    surf’s up (single, 1971)
MOON WIRING CLUB     neon silhouette review (‘leporine pleasure gardens’, 2015)
POPOL VUH     ich mache einen spiegel – dream part 4 (‘affenstunde’, 1970)
                                iche mache einen spiegel – dream part 49 / oum
     (‘affenstunde’, 1970 / ‘featuring human host and the heavy metal kids’, 1968)
BELLE AND SEBASTIAN     today (this army’s for peace)
                                                                         (‘girls in peacetime want to dance’, 2015)
ROJ     home telescope kit (‘the amateurs attic’, 2013)
TRWBADOR     pictures (‘several wolves’, 2014)
TAKAKO MINEKAWA & DYMAXION     a report on an investigation (‘maxion!’, 2000)
MORTON FELDMAN     christian wolff in cambridge (‘extended voices’, 1968)
charlie chaplin – the dictator
THE MONKEES     your auntie grizelda (‘more of the monkees’, 1967)
ALVIN LUCIER     north american time capsule 1967 (‘extended voices’, 1968)

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