MIND DE-CODER (2015) 54

MIND DE-CODER (2015) 54

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LAY LLAMAS     we are you (‘ostro’, 2014)

JEFF BRIDGES     seeing with my eyes closed (‘sleeping tapes’, 2015)

GNIDROLOG     snails (‘…in spite of harry’s toe-nail’, 1972)

FAMILY     me my friend (‘music in a doll’s house’, 1968)

SKY PICNIC     farther in this fairy tale (‘farther in this fairy tale’, 2010)

ROJ     ludwig’s children (‘the amateurs attic’, 2013)

BEAULIEU PORCH     a new light is born (‘the carmelite divine’, 2015)

CRANIUM PIE     track 2 (‘mechanisms pt.2’, 2015)

SPROATLY SMITH       willow’s song (‘the active listener’s first birthday’, 2012)

THE ROWAN AMBER MILL     mandrake, hemlock and rye (ergotism version)

(‘the active listener’s first birthday’, 2012)

THE ADVISORY CIRCLE     triadex 259 (‘from out here’, 2015)

NOEL GALLAGHER     ballad of the mighty i

(beyond the wizard’s sleeve re- animation) (2015)

GIORGIO TUMA     raymond bleeps 2/ raymond bleeps

(‘in the morning we’ll meet’, 2011)

PETER WALKER     i and thou

(‘”the second poem to karmela” or gypsies are important’, 1968)

JEFF BRIDGES     my keys (‘sleeping tapes’, 2015)

STERLING ROSWELL     asteroid no. b-612 (‘the call of the cosmos’, 2014)

QUICKSILVER MESSENGER SERVICE     who do you love (‘happy trails’, 1969)

JEFF BRIDGES     feeling good (sleeping tapes’, 2015)

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