MIND DE-CODER (2015) 55

MIND DE-CODER (2015) 55

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THE DAMNED     grimly fiendish (‘phntasmagoria’, 1985)
THE MISTY WIZARDS     it’s love (single, 1967)
CRANIUM PIE     the continuing story of bungalow bill (’the white e.p.’, 2012)
ARTHUR      a friend of mine (‘dreams and images’, 1968)
THE LUCK OF EDEN HALL     bangalore (‘alligators eat gumdrops’, 2012)
NOEL GALLAGHER’s HIGH FLYING BIRDS     the right stuff (‘chasing yesterday’, 2015)
THE BALLROOM     baby, please don’t go (single, 1967)
THE UNTHANKS     for dad (‘mount the air’, 2015)
(episodes from) THE FIELD BAZAAR     the bane tree (‘single, 2012)
JULIAN COPE    the everlasting no (version) (‘trip adviser e.p.’, 2015)
JOUIS     all that is and is one (‘dojo’, 2014)
SKY PICNIC     the universal mind decoder (‘farther in the fairy tale’, 2011)
UNKNOWN     mystery track (‘v.a. a heavy dose of lyte psych’, 1997)
MOON WIRING CLUB     nocturne (‘leporine pleasure gardens’, vinyl, 2015)
JANE WEAVER     your time in this life is just temporary (‘the silver globe’, 2014)
THE ORB     battersea bunches original sountrack (‘c battersea c’, 2011)
FOURTH WAY     the far side of your mind (‘the far side of your mind’, 1968)

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