MIND DE-CODER (2015) 56

MIND DE-CODER (2015) 56

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KEMPER NORTON     all through the night (‘loor’, 2014)

WYRDSTONE     meditation on lost gardens (‘the first active listener acid folk album’, 2012)

DR. MARMALADE’S PINK PEPPERMINT SLICE     my comfort zone (‘active listener sampler 5’, 2013)

PETER WALKER     socco chico (‘’second poem to karmela’ or gypsies are important’, 1968)

MARTHAS AND ARTHURS      counting the colours until friday (‘the hit world of…’, 2012)

BIBIO     oval emerald vertigo (‘ovals and emeralds’, 2009)

LUCK OF EDEN HALL     green faery (‘alligators eat gumdrops’, 2012)

VELVET UNDERGROUND     what goes on? (‘1969’, 1974)

ORVAL CARLOS SIBELIUS     burundi (‘super forma’, 2013)

SYD ARTHUR     edge of the universe

(‘a monstrous psychedelic bubble – remixes by the amorphous androgynous’, 2014)

MOON WIRING CLUB     aubade (‘leporine pleasure gardens’, vinyl version, 2015)

STEALING SHEEP     evolve and expand (‘not real’, 2015)

CYCLOBE     the hills are alive with the smell of his coming (‘wounded galaxies tap at the window’, 2011)

BETA BAND     the monolith (excerpt)   (‘the patty patty sound ep’, 1998)

THE TUI TRIO      beautiful waiheke island (‘the tui trio’, 1965)

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