MIND DE-CODER (2015) 58

MIND DE-CODER (2015) 58


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WORTHLESS     pizza break (‘all my friends are stone’, 2015)

OOIOO    be sure to loop (‘feather float’, 1999)

ROBERT ASHLEY     she was a visitor (‘automatic writing’, 1979)

AMORPHOUS ANDROGYNOUS     the emptiness of nothingness (‘alice in ultraland’, 2005)

PAUL WELLER     white sky (‘saturns pattern’, 2015)

ÁINE O’DWYER     the feast of fools (‘music for church cleaners vols. 1 and 2’, 2015)

KEMPER NORTON     montol (‘lowender ep’, 2011)

THE SILENCE     triptychon (‘the silence, 2015)

GNOD     control systems (‘infinity machines’, 2015)

DEATH AND VANILLA     follow the light (‘to where the wild things are’, 2015)

SYD ARTHUR     black planet eyes (paradise lost)

(syd arthur – a monstrous psychedelic bubble remixes by the amorphous androgynous’, 2014)

THE ALIENS     boats (roman noise mix) (‘the sunlamp show ep’, 2009)

CHARLES MINGUS     passions of a man (‘oh yeah’, 1962)

KING CRIMSON    in the court of the crimson king

(‘in the court of the crimson king – an observation by king crimson’, 1969)

SKY PICNIC     her dawn wardrobe (‘her dawn wardrobe’, 2015)

STEPHEN JOHN KALINICH     if you knew (‘a world of peace must come’, 1969)

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