MIND DE-CODER 3 (2012)

MIND DE-CODER 3 (2012)



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TUNNG     hanged (‘comments from the inner chorus’, 2006)
PRIMAL SCREAM     deep hit of the morning sun (‘evil heat’, 2002)
FAUST     laüft…heisst das es laüft oder es kommt…laüft (‘faust IV’, 1973)
ESPERS     tomorrow  (‘the weed tree’, 2005)
PENTANGLE     once i had a sweetheart  (‘basket of life’, 1969)
JAMES BLACKSHAW     spiralling skeleton memorial (‘o true believers’, 2006)
THE ALIENS     luna (‘luna’, 2008)
TRADER HORNE     morning way (‘morning way’, 1970)
GALAXIE 500     another day (‘on fire’, 1989)
BRAN     dyddiau dwys (‘hedfan’, 1976)
WHITE RAINBOW     mystic prism (‘prism of eternal now’, 2007)
THE SUNBURNED HAND OF THE MAN     the jaybird (‘jaybird’, 2002)
CAN     oh yeah (‘tago mago’, 1971)
SPROATLY SMITH     penda’s fen (‘greatest hits volume 1’, 2014)
MARK VIDLER     strawfields and skyplain (‘blueroom mix’, 2006)
MAGNET     lullaby (‘the wicker man soundtrack’, 2002)
LESLEY DUNCAN     love song (‘sing children sing’, 1971)
IN GAWAN RING     a lullaby ere closed eyes (‘compendium 1994-2000’, 2000)
TEARDROP EXPLODES     window shopping for a new crown of thorns (1981)
THE BETA BAND     she’s the one (‘the three ep’s’, 1998)
FRANK ZAPPA     the chrome-plated megaphone of destiny
            (‘we’re only in it for the money’, 1968)
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