MIND DE-CODER 5 (2012)

MIND DE-CODER 5 (2012)


                                               MIND DE-CODER 5
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TINKERBELLS FAIRYDUST     lazy day (single, 1967)
MOON WIRING CLUB     track 1 (‘clutch it like a gonk (gonk edition)’, 2011)
FOXYGEN     oh no, 2 (‘we are the 21st century ambassadors of peace and magic’, 2013)
JON BROOKS     of stick and string (‘shapwick’, 2012)
MOON WIRING CLUB     tracks 3 and 20 (‘clutch it like a gonk (gonk edition)’, 2011)
UNIVERSAL PANZIES     krautrock lovesong (‘transcendental floss’, 2003)
HERBCRAFT     the body electric (‘astral body electric’, 2013)
LIZ CHRISTINE     green eyes girl (sweet mellow version) (‘sweet mellow cat’, 2012)
MOON WIRING CLUB    perfect in puddings (‘today bread, tomorrow secrets’, cd version, 2012)
PUMAJAW     visiting hour pt.2 (‘curiosity box’, 2008)
JULIAN COPE     paranormal in the west country  (krankenhausmusik) (‘paranormal…e.p.’, 1994)
PAUL GIOVANNI     willow’s theme (‘willow’s songs’, 2008)
AFRIRAMPO     whyto (‘we are uchu no ko’, 2010)
DARK CAPTAIN/LIGHT CAPTAIN     speak (‘miracle kicker’, 2008)
SPIRO     have a care of her johnny (‘pole star’, 1997)
BROADCAST     colour me in (‘ha ha sound’, 2003)
KELLI ALI     the kiss (‘rocking horse’, 2008)
VASHTI BUNYAN     winter is blue (demo, 1966)
AMORPHOUS ANDROGYNOUS     trying to make impermanent things permanent/the world’s in transience/
                                                                                 life’s a flow (‘the mellow hippo disco show e.p.’, 2002)
THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA     the garden of earthly delights (‘the united states of america’, 1967)
RUTH WHITE     mists and rains (‘flowers of evil’, 1969)
XTC     senses working overtime (‘english settlement’, 1982)
THE TIME AND SPACE MACHINE     vision om (‘volume 3’, 2010)
THE BEATLES     i am the walrus (1967)
SPECTRUM     new atlantis (‘forever alien’, 2004)

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