MIND DE-CODER 6 (2012)

MIND DE-CODER 6 (2012)

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DUKES OF STRATOSPHEAR     my love explodes (’25 o’clock’, 1987′)
McGOUGH AND McGEAR     so much in love
       (‘mcgough and mcgear’, 1968)
THE TOKENS     how nice (‘it’s a happening world’,1967)
AMORPHOUS ANDROGYNOUS    the peppermint tree
          (‘the peppermint tree’, 2008)
PETER BRODERICK     games (‘home’, 2008)
IN GOWAN RING     the once true love (‘compendium 1994-2000’, 2000)
THE TIME AND SPACE MACHINE     the trip (‘volume 2’, 2009)
PINK FLOYD     grantchester meadows (‘ummagumma’, 1969)
THE COCTEAU TWINS     lazy calm (‘victorialand’, 1986)
KEN NORDINE     once upon a you know what (‘stare with you ears’, 1979)
THE JOKER’S DAUGHTER     jesse the goat (‘last laugh’, 2009)
CREAM     tales of brave ulysses (‘disraeli gears’, 1967)
MARISSA NADLER     mexican summer (‘songs III: bird on the water’, 2007)
ST. ETIENNE     avenue (‘so tough’, 1993)
MOON WIRING CLUB      a mind full of magic
 (‘a spare tabby at the cat’s wedding’, vinyl version, 2011)
THE FOCUS GROUP     brouhahja (‘ghost box free 3-track ep’, 2008)
THE MEMORY BAND     the wearing of the horns (‘on the chalk’, 2013)
KELLI ALI     one day at a time (‘rocking horse’, 2009)
CHIITRA NEOGY     krishna and the lovely cowgirls
(‘the perfumed garden’, 1968)
REIKO IKE      midnight whisper in a curved air (‘kokotsu no sekai’, 1971)
hypnotic liquid machine from the golden utopia (excerpt)
(‘hypnotic liquid machine from the golden utopia’, 2004)
HARMONIA     ohrwurm     (‘musik von harmonia’, 1972)
JULIAN COPE     hung up, and hanging out to dry (‘peggy suicide’, 1991)
THE MONKEES     as we go along (‘head’, 1968)

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