MIND DE-CODER 61 (2016)

MIND DE-CODER 61 (2016)


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KARLHEINZ STOCKHAUSEN track 1 regionen i und ii (‘hymnen’, 1967-68)

TIMOTHY LEARY what do you turn on when you turn on

(‘you can be anyone this time around’, 1970)

KARLHEINZ STOCKHAUSEN track 6 regionen i und ii (‘hymnen’, 1967-68)

KING GIZZARD AND THE WIZARD LIZARD i’m in your mind/ i’m not in your mind/

cellophane/ i’m in your mind fuzz

(i’m in your mind fuzz’, 2014)

KARLHEINZ STOCKHAUSEN track 8-9 regionen i und ii (‘hymnen’, 1967-68)

DR COSMO’S TAPE LAB (theme from) coconut summer (‘coconut summer drop-in 432’, 2015)

DAVE DEE, DOZY, BEAKY, MITCH AND TICH the sun goes down (single, b-side, 1967)

THE YARDBIRDS farewell (‘roger the engineer’, 1966)

EIRE APPARENT yes i need someone (‘sunrise’, 1969)

DENIS COULDRY AND SMILE tea and toast, mr. watson (single, b-side, 1968)

MOON WIRING CLUB catwalk edwardian (‘playclothes from faraway places’, 2015)

DONOVAN the walrus and the carpenter (‘h.m.s. donovan’, 1971)

TELEVISION PERSONALITIES i know where syd barrett lives (‘…and don’t the kids just love it’, 1981)

HIDDEN MASTERS like candy (‘of this and other worlds’, 2013)

ME AND MY KITES my dream, my adventure (‘like a dream back then’, 2013)

SOFT HEARTED SCIENTISTS diving bell (‘uncanny tales from the everyday undergrowth’, 2005)

BOARDS OF CANADA the color of the fire (‘music has a right to children’, 1998)

MOON WIRING CLUB how do you do (‘playclothes from faraway places’, 2015)

GWENNO chwyldro (planet L’s ‘aliwch ymlaen! mae pob mae’n ei wneud yn cael ei glynu dau

remixes arall at ei gilydd a’i alw’n ei ben ei hun!’ mix’) (2015)

C DUNCAN silence and air (‘architect’, 2015)

MARK FRY roses for columbus (‘dreaming with alice’, 1972)

BEAUTIFY JUNKYARDS rites of passage (‘the beast shouted love’, 2015)

MAGIC BUS eight miles high (single, b-side, 2015)

FRIENDS mythological sunday (single, b-side, 1968)

OBERON minas tirith (a midsummer’s night dream’, 1971)

KARLHEINZ STOCKHAUSEN track 18 regionen i und ii (‘hymnen’, 1967-68)

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