MIND DE-CODER 63 (2016)

MIND DE-CODER 63 (2016)

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ATTICUS ROSS     the black hole (‘love and mercy ost’, 2015)

ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE AND THE COSMIC INFERNO     dance with space gypsy queen

(‘doobie wonderland’, 2013)

THE MOON WIRING CLUB     wake critique (‘playclothes from faraway places’, 2015)

THE ROLLING STONES     2,000 light years from home (‘their satanic majesties request’, 1967)

THE CROCHETED DOUGHNUT RING     two little ladies (azalea and rhododendron) (single, 1967)

STANLEY UNWIN     hi-de-fido (‘rotatey diskers with unwin’, 1960)

THE IDLE RACE      worn red carpet (single b-side, 1969)

THE VIRGIN SLEEP     love (single, 1967)

THE PRIMITIVES     all the way down (single b-side, 1989)

PETE COOK AND DUDLEY MOORE     psychedelic baby (private eye flexi-single, 1966)

THE NICE     the diamond hard blue apples of the moon (single b-side, 1968)

UNKNOWN MORTAL ORCHESTRA     stage or screen (‘multi-love’, 2015)

PRIMAL SCREAM     private wars (‘chaosmosis’, 2016)

THE SMALL FACES     the autumn stone (‘the autumn stone’, 1969)

EERIE WANDA     mirage (‘hum’, 2016)

JIM FASSETT     strange to your ears (excerpt) (‘strange to your ears’, 1955)

BARNABY RUDGE     joe, organ and co. (single, 1968)

JIM FASSETT     strange to your ears (excerpt) (‘strange to your ears’, 1955)

GAVIN BRYARS     interlude, hymn iii, opening part ii, titanic lament (‘the sinking of the titanic’, 1995)

RAGLE    dormin slowly died with the radio on

(‘dormin slowly died with the radio on. Parts 1-82’, 1974)

CHILDREN OF ALICE     harbinger of spring (‘devon folklore tapes vol. 5’, 2013)

SHE DREW THE GUN      if you could see (‘memories of the future’, 2016)

FUSCHIA     another nail (‘fuschia’, 1972)




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