Sunday Special – The low on down

Sunday Special – The low on down

On Sunday 22nd of Feb I kicked on the Sunday Special with a very special show: a preview of the debut album by local artists Three Legged Horse. The album is called "down" and I was very fortunate to have singer, songwriter, and guitarist from the band, Bede Taylor, in the studio to talk about the album with me.


While many residents of Waiheke bubble on about how beautiful the place is … and visitors to our shores mistakenly equate this sparkling beauty to singularly mirror the psychology of the islands residents … it is interesting that possibly the best album to ever emerge from this island is entitled "down". Its as if it takes a unique artist of stature to elucidate an alternate reason for many to live here – perhaps to escape, not so much an escape "from" something, but as a means to an escape "into" ourselves. "down" is an album about doing just that – going down into.

I’m hard pressed to also refer to it as just collection of songs; it would be more accurate to say (and it provides a better place for listening and understanding this album) to describe it as a collection of poems put to music (there is even a reference to the greatest of these poet/musicians – Leonard Coen). Literary and artistic references are subtly weaved throughout the album as are ancient and timeless themes of salvation, desperation, sin, loneliness, hate and hope; themes that often form the cornerstone of so much music that strives to remind us of the complexities of our human condition, rather than try to just make us forget our shortcomings or our pains in favour of a good time. — Country Mike

Note: Audacity crapped out on us about 47:15 into the show and didn’t record for about 13 minutes (right after Bede was talking about The Last Tempation of Christ!) … sorry.

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