The Great Waiheke Radio Local Board Candidates Debate

The Great Waiheke Radio Local Board Candidates Debate

To conclude our local board election coverage Waiheke Radio hosted a candidates’ meeting at Artworks Theatre on Mon 19 Sept 2016. A couple of notes on this podcast. You will notice that not all candidates answered all questions – they were given the opportunity but some chose not to answer some questions. This was obvious to those in the theatre but we realised after that we hadn’t said that on air. Also, towards the end of the recording gremlins got in and the recording dropped out for a while. Sincere apologies to Paul Walden, whose summing statement is cut off and Cath Handley whose summing up statement is completely missing.

Bob Upchurch and Irene Armstrong both wanted to be at the meeting but had unchangeable prior arrangements and tendered apologies.

Many thanks to Artworks Theatre, the candidates and the people who turned up on the night.

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