The Waiheke Comedy Show July 19

The Waiheke Comedy Show July 19

Tonight we’ve got the an opportunity to listen to some more comedy from the pen of Terry Pratchett. Idea is that over the next 3-4 shows play his fabulous tale ‘ Feet of Clay ‘ read by Nigel Planner. So tonight we’ll have the first part of this tale, set on disc world, where the members of the Ankh – Morpork City Watch, attempt to solve murders apparently committed by a golem, as well as the unusual poisoning of the Patrician, Lord Vetinari. And at the end of this weeks show there’s ‘ Goal Keeper Joe ‘ a Marriott Edgar monologue read by Roy Castle. Marriott’s monologues were popularised through the 1930’s by master monologuer Stanley Holloway so all of that to come and we’ll give this a G rating


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