The Waiheke Comedy Show Podcast March 8

The Waiheke Comedy Show Podcast March 8

In this podcast we’ve got a line up of 4 comedians who were featuring at the edinburgh comedy festival last year some of whom may well be heading this way for the upcoming nz festival starting next month tonight we’ll be hearing from Richard Herring, Danny Bhoy Brendon Burns and Glenn Wool, not necessarily in that order

Now, for any sensitive listeners this weeks show has an R18 rating for the use of ‘that word’ from memory it was just Mr Herring who used it once in the upcoming sets but anyway it was enough for the sensors to step in with the big rubber R18 stamp so if swearing offends be aware there will be a fair amount of it in this weeks show.

Keep a look out for tickets going on sale for next Waiheke Comedy Show at artworks on April 18. New format, new line up, new games plus headlining we have top NZ comedian Mr Jamie Bowen.

Jamie’s been on the NZ comedy scene for nearly 15 years, he’s performed in over a dozen NZ International Comedy Festivals appeared on TV shows such as 7Days, AotearoHa, WannaBen, Jono’s New Show, and Big Comedy Jam Jim he opened rhys darbys 25 show tour of the uk last year and opened again for ryes in his recent austalian tour and he’s toured Switzerland, Croatia, Romania, Czech Republic, Holland, Austria and Malta. and he’s looking forward to performing on april 18th at artworks before he settles into his own show at the nz comedy festival. It’s going to be a fun night, keep a look out for tickets going on sale soon

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