Quickcat Collision – Eyewitness Account

Written by on September 13, 2010

Eyewitness Account from a passenger on the Sat 11 8.45pm Auckland to Waiheke ferry.

There were about 60 passengers in the Quickcat, some young children and babies, all on the lower deck. The upper deck was closed. The boat had left right on time and we were about ten minutes in the journey, when we heard a loud bang on the right side (sorry, I’m not a sailor) of the boat. My first impression was that we had hit something or perhaps an engine had exploded. But there was no smoke or burn smell so I went for the collision explanation. The boat came to a near halt. Some people went to the outside deck but we were told to remain seated, that it was an emergency and that there had been a collision.

The boat turned around. There was a lot of manoeuvring. Passengers were calm but a bit worried. The sea was quite rough. We were close to rocks and had no idea what condition our boat was in. We didn’t know with what we had collided at this stage. Two passengers were asked to help on the outer deck. When they came back we heard that two persons had been rescued from the sea, unhurt . Then we were told our boat would go back to Auckland to assess damage. At 9:30pm we pulled in in Auckland. Ports police came on board and took every passengers names and contacts. We were given $5 Fullers vouchers and put on the 10:15 boat to Waiheke.

Name withheld

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