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Had my first guitar when I was ten. Couldn’t play any chords so I tuned the strings until it made the sound of an open G; which I didn’t know was an open G. Keith Richards knows. First gig was playing with a local school boy band and we supported John’s Children of whom one member was Mark Bolan from T-rex. After school I worked as an apprentice tiler and then sailed around the world as a merchant sailor visiting NZ for the first time and knew I wanted to live there. Then foir four years I worked in the music industry as a roadie, personal driver, sound desk operator and security with bands including Stones, Floyd, Zeppelin and numerous others. I arrived on Waiheke in 1989 and found myself the only guy who could play a slide guitar. My infatuation with the blues came from my father who used to wake me at 4 am in the morning to listen to Europe’s AFM network (American Forces Network). I heard all these guys singing and wailing as if they were from the local Gospel church. There began my LOVE for the blues… and so it goes on. I hope you all enjoy the music I play. Keep it locked. Love you all. Please tune in wherever you are in the world.

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