In late 2019 three Waiheke writers participated in the WORDSMITH RADIO WRITING COURSE with Caroline Lark.

Three participants, Rita Ansin, Maara White and Ursula Hoult, rehearsed and recorded their work with Lloyd Canham at Waiheke Radio on Tuesday 10 December 2019.


Rita Ansin’s radio play, TUI KARMA, sprang from a science fiction climate change exercise that required the radio writer to build tension via an element of danger and a change in atmosphere. Rita chose to set her play on Waiheke Island in the near future.


Maara White’s radio drama, ROCK-A-BYE BABY, began as an exercise to write a crescendo in sound, beginning with low level sound effects building louder and louder to a final climax. Maara used her own experience when young, pregnant and naked, she survived the 1966 Gisborne earthquake. At both the start and the end of the drama, Maara plays her own instrument, the Koauau.


Ursula Hoult’s ingenious murder story, WHO’S THE ANGEL NOW?, won her a place in the semi finals of the New York microfiction competition (NYC Midnight) 2019. There were 4000 entries in round one and her story was selected to join the top 20% in the semi-finals. She entered her evocative historical short story, THAMES FROST FAIR, for the next round of the competition. This story is set to the traditional song Molly Malone, sung by talented local singer, Jean Fraser-Hoult.


Tui Karma

July 7, 2020

Thames Frost Fair

July 7, 2020

Rock-A-Bye Baby

July 7, 2020

Who’s The Angel Now?

July 7, 2020

Wordsmith: Radio Writing

June 27, 2020

Wordsmith Radio Writing

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