Written by on November 28, 2011

And on this week’s show you heard:
the staves – mexico (mexico ep, 2011)
salako – the bird and the bag (musicality, 1999)
dando shaft – in the country (an evening with dando shaft, 1970)
donovan – legend of a girl child linda (sunshine superman,1966)
all about eve – like emily (all about eve, 1988)
nick drake – cello song (five leaves left, 1969)
the civil wars – 20 years (barton hollow, 2010)
c.o.b. – eleven willow (moyshe mcstiff & the tartan lancers of the sacred heart, 1972)
magnet – maypole (the wickerman soundtrack, 1973)
tuung – fair doreen (mother’s daughter and other songs, 2005)
shirley collins and davy graham – proud maisie (folk roots, new routes, 1964)
shack – as long as i’ve got you (here’s tom with the weather, 2003)
ian king – flash company (panic grass and fever few, 2011)
david bowie – let me sleep beside you (world of david bowie, 1970)
tinkerbells fairydust – lazy day (tinkerells fairydust, 1969)
devendra banhart & vashti bunyan – rejoicing in the hands 
   (the golden apples of the sun, 2004)
the zombies – changes (odyssey and oracle, 1968)
beth houghton jeans – i love this world (ep, 2008)
beth houghton jeans – the garden (ep, 2008)
gryphon – estampie (gryphon, 1973)
midwinter – sanctuary stone (the waters of sweet sorrow, 1973)
the soft hearted scientists – the yongy bongy bo
(uncanny tales from the everyday undergrowth, 2005)
whispers of truth – sunday afternoon with emily (alive, 1969)
pentangle – a maid that’s deep in love (cruel sister, 1970)
fairport convention – who knows where the time goes (unhalfbricking, 1969) 



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