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 Yep the comedy show is now a 1 hour show Yahoo! Our first one hour show is a 60th anniversary special featuring a group of people who moved comedy on from sitcoms, sketches and monologues. Originally known as ‘The Crazy People’ I’ll say no more, the picture may give you an idea who they are. […]

 Well it’s the last of our classic comedy offering for this month and if you enjoy somewhat surreal comedy, then this show is for you. In the vein of The Elastic Planet, Beachcomber and early Bentine, Lines From My Grandfather’s Forehead gives us Barker at his surreal best.  Sunday 9pm 

 That famous command "Left hand down a bit" and the equally famous reply "Left hand down a bit it is sir" will strike an instant chord with fans of classic comedy. It comes from The Navy Lark, the longest running (or second longest depending on which source you believe) comedy show in the uk, it ran from […]

 April is the first of our classic comedy months and we start with one of the goons classics from Feb 1958. Ten Snowballs That Shook The World. Sunday 9pm. No more need be said! 

Flush FM (the station that makes Waiheke Radio sound just like a proper radio station) highjacks the airwaves once again when Chantel and the posse return 1 more time. The Sunday Night Comedy Show. 9pm 

 Sunday March 6th Flush FM and Chatal take over the airwaves once again broadcasting from a portaloo in Peckham High Street. What more need be said? It’s ‘Doon Your Way’ on the Sunday Night Comedy Show, this Sunday 9pm

Reminisce with the funny often shocking Dora Dale about the famous people she has met in "a long, eventful life on the fringes of, and occasionally right at the heart of, show business" This on The Sunday Night Comedy Show this Sunday 9pm 

This Sunday listen in for the fabulous Knowing Me Knowing You with the legendary chat show host Alan Partridge taking to the airwaves with his very funny somewhat unusual, sometimes disturbing chat show. Sunday 9pm

Well you can find out as Sue Perkins and two teams of top comedians battle it out for 99p on the Sunday Night Comedy show at 9pm 

 Yes, this Sunday is the last of our ear on the wall documentary, following Dave Podmore and gaining an insight into the life of the modern cricketer . Sunday 9pm

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