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The last show of the year already. The music has been great and saved my soul in a depressive world of war, injustice, rape of the environment, corruption and politicians, who don’t give a shit for most of this planet population. I wish you all the very best for 2014. From Slackwax "Night Out" album, "Come Away":

"I wanna see the leaves on the tree

I wanna Fly with the clouds up in the sky

I wanna hear the beat…

of the Earth spinning under my feet’

Achachore I Chachare Akale Tartit 4:31 Abacabok 2006
Faya  Joe Driscoll & Sekou Kouyate 3:36 Faya (FREE DOWNLOAD) 2014
Vallee de Sirba 17 Hippies, Laulo Kebous 2:41 17 Hippies Chantent
en Francais
A Cool Cat in Town
(feat. Tape Five)
Brenda Boykin 3:55 Brenda Boykin 2013
Straight to Memphis
(feat. Club des Belugas)
Brenda Boykin 5:15 Brenda Boykin 2013
Some Like It Hot
(feat. Club des Belugas)
Brenda Boykin 4:43 Brenda Boykin 2013
Cokolada (Chocolate) Boban & Marko Markovic
3:27 Gipsy Manifesto 2013
Bum Tras (Boom Bang) Boban & Marko Markovic
3:21 Gipsy Manifesto 2013
Turbo Dizel (Turbo Diesel) Boban & Marko Markovic
3:20 Gipsy Manifesto 2013
Stayed At The Party The Holmes Brothers 3:29 Brotherhood 2013
My Word Is My Bond The Holmes Brothers 3:04 Brotherhood 2013
Da Yoro Lobi Traoré 6:30 Bwati Kono 2013
Mali Ba Lobi Traoré 3:57 Bwati Kono 2013
Hound Dog  Mama Thornton  2:51 Electro Blues, Vol. 1 2013
Boogie Children Ecklectic Mick 4:54 Electro Blues, Vol. 1 2013
Alabama Grant Lazlo 4:55 Electro Blues, Vol. 1 2013
Holed Up Tony Joe White 4:44 Hoodoo 2013
Storm Comin’ Tony Joe White 4:26 Hoodoo 2013
On the Road Again Slackwax 3:03 Night Out 2013
Come Away Slackwax, Anna Leyne 4:28 Night Out 2013
Happy Soul Slackwax, Trinah 4:19 Night Out 2013
Gimme Some Soul
(Suonho Soul Jamanova)
Skeewiff 3:44 Pedigree Cuts Remixed! 2013
Where Shall I Be
(Vassili Gemini Remix)
Skeewiff feat.
Stars Of Harmony
4:47 Pedigree Cuts Remixed! 2013
For A Few Beats More
(Renegades Of Jazz Remix)
Skeewiff 3:50 Pedigree Cuts Remixed! 2013
Down The Road Pt II Steve Earle & The Dukes
(and Duchesses)
2:36 The Low Highway 2013
Warren Hellman’s Banjo Steve Earle & The Dukes
(and Duchesses)
1:47 The Low Highway 2013
Land of a Thousand Dances Jessica Mauboy 2:40 The Sapphires OST 2012
Today I Started Loving
You Again
Jessica Mauboy,
Juanita Tippens &
Jade Mcrae
3:02 The Sapphires OST 2012
Run Through the Jungle Creedence Clearwater Revival 3:06 The Sapphires OST 2012
Soul Man Sam & Dave 2:38 The Sapphires OST 2012
Single Girl The Dirt Daubers 1:56 Wake Up, Sinners 2011
Wake Up, Sinners The Dirt Daubers 2:31 Wake Up, Sinners 2011
Wayfaring Stranger The Dirt Daubers 1:52 Wake Up, Sinners 2011
John The Conqueror Gogol Bordello 3:31 Pura Vida Conspiracy 2013
Lightnin Hopkins –
Fan It (JPOD remix)
JPod 4:27 The Electro Vintage Sounds
of the Speakeasy Vol. 2
Shake Your Hips
Warp9 & Essex Groove 5:22 The Electro Vintage Sounds
of the Speakeasy Vol. 2
Augen zu und durch
(Radio Edit)
[Dunkelbunt] 3:47 Ich grill mit Dir
die Abendsonne
Ballroom Breakers (Club Edit)
[dunkelbunt remix]
Savages I Suefo ft Judie Jay 5:40 Ich grill mit Dir
die Abendsonne
People Want Change Pleasuremaker 4:45 Afrolicious Revue – Rarities,
Remixes and Live Versions: The First Funky Compilation
But I Was Cool Oscar Brown, Jr. 2:55 Beat Generation –
Music & Poetry
Ha´galo (Doctor Stereo de
Nueva York a Buenos Aires mix)
Doctor Stereo 5:00 Gamm 84 – Hagalo 2013
Only Now Warsaw Afrobeat Orchestra 3:28 Only Now 12"
(Featuring Bosq) – EP
Calypso Invasion Bandura 3:08 Resense 038 2013
Stevie Wonder –
Uptight (Grant Phabao Remix)
Grant Phabao 4:40 Reggae Reworks Vol.1:
Masters Of Soul
Cee-Lo Green –
The One (Grant Phabao Remix)
Grant Phabao 6:02 Reggae Reworks Vol.1:
Masters Of Soul
Jet 2 Panama Doctor Stereo 3:48 Gamm 84 – Hagalo 2013
Život Cigana (Gipsy Life) Boban & Marko Markovic
3:20 Gipsy Manifesto 2013
Watchtower •
The Reflex Revision
The Reflex 6:01 The Reflex Revision 2013
Ngarra Burra Ferra Jessica Mauboy, Lou Bennett,
Juanita Tippens & Jade Mcrae
1:31 The Sapphires

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