The Saturday Breakfast Show with Simon & El

Written by on August 2, 2009

We’re not entirely sure why Simon & El are doing the Saturday Breakfast Show as they are both rubbish at getting up early in the morning, especially at the weekends. That said they do love Waiheke Radio and so here they are, your Saturday Breakfast DJs.

Join Simon & El every Satuday as they attempt to entertain the listening public while eating their cornflakes and otherwise preparing for the rigours of another weekend on Waiheke. They do this with the seemingly effortless interplay of witty banter and good tunes that are worth turning on the radio at 8 o’clock in the morning for.  

The shows include stock radio stand-by’s shamelessly pilferred from proper radio stations such as ‘This Day In Rock History’ as well as items unique to the show such as a round-up of the weekly news on the Island with added ‘informed comment’, scurrilous and mostly pointless gossip culled from the internet, El’s ever popular Film Review and, of course, the

no doubt soon to be legendary Mash-Up corner which even now firmly polarizes opinion all over our little corner of the Hauraki Gulf.  It’s all definitely worth 2 hours of your time on a Saturday morning – it’s the kind of show that Simon and El themselves would listen to if they were allowed a lie-in of a Saturday morning, which sadly they’re not anymore…
Check us out on The Saturday Breakfast Show facebook page and don’t forget to ‘become a fan’.
Also, if you missed a live show be sure to check back to this page to listen again as it will always be available right here (below) a day or two later………….so you can wake up with us all over again!!
OK, that’s it…..thanks for reading and ofcourse Thanks for tuning in to The Saturday Breakfast Show.
Simon & EL


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