Written by on November 1, 2009


Bill Hicks

was the legendary outlaw comic who criss-crossed America preaching the truth. He was savage, brilliant, funny, tremendously intelligent, brave, hilarious and right about nearly everything. Join me, EL, this Saturday November 7th, as I bring you the Bill Hicks Story, playing his exhilerating, renegade routines taken from 7 of his classic CDs, including ARIZONA BAY and RANT IN E-MINOR. Bill Hicks was a comic genius whose work deserves to be heard by a larger audience – 14 years after his untimely death his material is more relevant than ever. Be warned, however, his approach was often belligerant and vulgar and it is not for the easily offended or for young ears. As Bill Hicks himself warns – "this show contains everything your parents hate, everything the church preaches against, everything the government fears. Enjoy".

The Bill Hicks story will play out Nov. 7th on The Saturday Special at the later time of 9 o’clock. If you’ve not heard Bill Hicks before, prepare for a revelation, and if you have, then you’ve got over two hours of Bill Hicks at his very best to look forward to. 


The Bill Hicks Story on Waiheke Radio.

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