The Sunday Special Remix with Simon & El

Written by on May 17, 2009

…in which Simon and El indulge their love for the remix and bring you two hours of mixed up choons they responsibly decided were too long, too big or just too out there for The Saturday Morning Breakfast Show.

Some people think the original track is definitive and sacred; not something to be tinkered with. Simon and El have been known to think that too, but they also enjoy hearing the familiar in the unfamiliar, they like to explore all the different directions a song can take you and they relish the unexpected beats and studio trickery that enhance, uplift and enrich their favourite records. Expect to hear tracks by the likes of Franz Ferdinand, Lily Allen, St. Etienne, Goldfrapp, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs remixed by some cutting edge producers that will bring a whole new dimension to the songs you thought you knew.

Join Simon & El this Sunday 24th May @ 9:30 for some top tunes going off the deep end on The Sunday Special Remix.

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