Written by on October 9, 2011

On this week’s SUNSHINE PLAYROOM you heard: 

SHOW 3 (9th OCT. 2011)
joker’s daughter – mind of gold (may cause side effects, 2011)
chumbawamba – introduction/voices, that’s all (abcdefg, 2010)
ian king – ah robin, gentle robin (panic grass and fever few, 2011)
pumajaw – visiting hour pt. 2 (curiosity box, 2008)
mellow candle – sheep season (swaddling songs, 1972)
dukes of stratosphear – bike ride to the moon (25 o’clock, 1985)
pink floyd – candy and a currant bun (1967)
pete dello and friends – harry the earwig (into your ears, 1971)
dr. strangely strange – strangely strange but oddly normal (kip of the serenes, 1969)
steeleye span – the blacksmith (hark! the village waits, 1971)
nancy wallace – waiting (old stories, 2009)
vashti bunyan & max richter – martha my dear (mojo tribute album the white album recovered,                                                                                        2008)
mike cooper – she thinks she knows (anthems in eden, 2005)
the humblebums – please sing a song for us (anthems in eden, 2005)
the unthanks – not much luck in our house (here’s the tender coming, 2009)
kaleidoscope – please excuse my face (tangerine dream, 1967)
the strawbs – in amongst the roseS (from the witchwood, 1971)
ber jansch – silly woman (rosemary lane, 1971)
joker’s daughter – handful of nothing (may cause side effects, 2011)
eighteenth day of may – the highest tree (the eighteenth day of may, 2006)
pentangle – so early in the spring (sweet child, 1968)
jackie oates – the trees they are so high (saturnine, 2011)
salako – turn left (musicality, 1999)
gorky’s zygotic mynci – cursed, coined and crucified (barafundle, 1997)
shide and acorn – girl of the cosmos (under the tree, 1971)
bert jansch – black swan (black swan, 2006)

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