Variations 1 Aug 2010 – 2nd Viennese School

Written by on August 1, 2010

 nd Viennese  – 12 tone.  A few weeks ago I played some early music from the key group of composers who comprised the 2nd Viennese School.  Led by Arnold Schoeberg, the theoretical and compositional work they did had a huge influence on the direction classical music took away from tonality and realistically it was not until the 1970’s and the advent of minimalism that idea of tonality in music became common-place and accepted at an academic and critical level.  in this show I’m going to be playing some of the atonal but non 12 tone works  and some of their more mature works that really illustrate 12 tone music and serialism.

Composer Titles
Alban Berg Violin Concerto "To the memory of an angel": 1. Andante – Allegretto
Alban Berg Kammerkonzert: I. Thema Scherzoso Con Variazioni
Anton Webern 5 Movements, op.5 (1909) – 1. Heftig bewegt
Anton Webern Streichquartett op. 28 (1936-38) |
Arnold Schoenberg 5 Pieces For Orchestra, Op. 16 – 1. Vorgefühle
Arnold Schoenberg Five Piano Pieces, Op. 23 – Walzer
Arnold Schoenberg Concerto for piano, op.42 – 1. Andante
Arnold Schoenberg Psalm 130, De Profundis


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