Vocal Local Chris Greaves – Rubbish tender process and what's with the wheelie bins?

Written by on March 17, 2009

This programme goes out from 7 on Thursday 19 March, and is rebroadcast at 12 noon on Sunday 22 March. 

I talk to Chris Greaves about the island rubbish and recycling and the tender process which closes at the end of March.  We discuss: 

– Why Clean Stream need to tender for the rubbish collection and recycling on the   island

– Island achievements in recycling

– The current status of the wheelie bin proposal

– Who the decision-makers are in the process

Have your say below –  will wheelie bins benefit you?  Should Clean Stream get the tender for rubbish disposal?  Would we be better off sending rubbish to town?

In case you’ve been wondering why there’s been so little coverage of this issue – the transfer station are not allowed to comment on recycling issues as they could jeopardize their tender. 

As such, it’s up to the public to make sure Council know how we feel. 

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