Vocal Local – Waste protest and City Development Committee Debate – We want to manage our own waste!!

Written by on May 22, 2009

This programme goes out on Thursday,  21 May at 7.00 and  Sunday, 24 May at 12.00 noon.  

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This week’s show follows the Waiheke Does it Better, protest up Queen Street on Thursday, 14th May .  Read all about it in the Gulf News and the Marketplace. 

A great atmosphere, full of fun, but also serious as we marched up Queen Street waving placards.   High School kids and Steiner kids were also part of the march. 

Listen to some of the people who gave up their morning to demand that we on Waiheke, want to shovel our own s**t and  manage our waste resources locally. 

A lot of anger was expressed by people who felt that our community resource is being given away and we are then expected to pay for it (wheelie bins) and then buy it back (green waste).  There were also comments made to the effect that this is what can be expected for all of Auckland under a supercity mechanism. 

Sue Connor talks about expectations for the meeting, we then listen to the forum of the Committee meeting,  and the Waiheke spokespeople who put up a strong case for community management of waste.   Hear the Councillors questions and the responses.   We then get Sue’s thoughts again before the Committee went into closed session to vote. 

The only part missing is Tony Sears’s rousing speech, which can also be heard as a podcast on Waiheke radio. 

Excellent outcome and well done to everyone who took part and lobbied.  It’s great to feel the power of democracy at work (finally).    Check out the Waiheke Does it Better Website for the next steps in an ongoing battle.  

Apologies for the sound quality which can be low at times.  

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